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Seikkailu Sveitsi SeikkailuSveitsi Adventure Park

SeikkailuSveitsi Adventure Park

- Feel the touch of nature and find the adventurer within you; with the agility of a squirrel, from a bird's eye view! Kiss your fear of high places goodbye; safely!

SeikkailuSveitsi welcomes and invites everyone to Hyvinkää to face their fears and to challenge themselves! The park is easily accessible via regular roads, as well as public transport!

"It's always sunny here", the weather is never an issue! The park was built onto a serene, gorgeous and preserved forest landscape. The site is perfect for some adventuring! The lushious forestry and the glacial kettle hole make sure that even on the hottest summer days you won't melt in the sun! And rain or a slight drizzle will only serve as a little refreshment!

You can also bask in the excitement and admire the vistas from the ground. The dense and well-kept network of walking paths in the area allow you to enjoy the natural atmosphere from a more relaxed point of view. -

The tracks

Twelve tracks, at different difficulty levels, await you at SeikkailuSveitsi, so pick the ones that suit your abilities! The tracks run 3m-12m high up in the air. Nature is a resource and an accomplice to us, thus we respect it in every possible way. The tracks have been built in a way that they don't harm the trees at all.

The crowning jewel of the park is the Mega Zipline, that slides over the glacial kettle. With a combined length of about 500m, it's the longest zipline in all of Finland! The slide is up so high, that you could fit a blocks of flats between you and the ground! Here you can also test whether or not you have what it takes to become a ski jumper!

We would like to offer you a pleasant and safe adventuring experience. You will be free to explore the park at your own pace after a tutorial of the mandatory set of equipment and the practical guidelines has been given to you by one of our trained guides. The tutorial is available in multiple languages: Finnish, English, Russian, what have you! To ensure an unforgettable adventure, please take a close and thorough look at our specifically set rules here (coming soon in english).

Get ready for an adventure, surprise and beat yourself!



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