SeikkailuSveitsi offers a great setting for a fast-paced and unforgettable day!

Whether it’s a birthday, activity after work meeting or an adventure day with the family – everyone enjoys the adventure.

The day includes fun and adventurous activities for everyone on the adventure trails or on the ground.

150 adventurers can adventure on the tracks at a time. The adventure of larger groups can be staggered. The forces of nature are not an obstacle, in bad weather the adventure takes place indoors in SuperPark Sveitsi

Hotel Sveitsi has meeting and meeting facilities, sauna facilities and restaurant services.

Tell us the day and the number of participants – we will arrange everything for you!


Birthdays for children and adults are easily arranged in SeikkailuSveitsi. For a birthday to go out together for a fun activity, what could be more fun!

Birthday adventurers receive a 2€ discount of the price of the ticket. (min. 8 people).

For children’s birthdays, 1 adult / 8 children cango on an adventure free of charge. (children under 12)


A class trip or an exercise class in an adventure park – an unforgettable experience!

We offer a pleasant and safe adventure experience for school classes.

The routes are set off with adventure equipment and a guide. Before the adventure, you should read the rules of the game for a safe adventure in the park.

The duration of the adventure is two hours. Other adventure activities in Sveitsi can also be combined with the tracks.

School class prices:

1.-3. class € 10
4.-6. class € 16
7.-9. class € 19

teachers free of charge.


Things to do for a day of recreation or at the end of a meeting day?

SeikkailuSveitsi offers a wonderful setting for an active day of recreation.

As teams for the Forest Olympics or as individuals to climb adventure tracks? You can also combine both on an adventure day.


Momentum and excitement at bachelorette parties! With a group on adventure trails, basket climbing or maybe forest yoga?

If time is limited, send the bachelor to a mega ZipLine track.

We will organize an unforgettable party according to your wishes.


The bachelor party program should be started at the adventure park, the tracks of the adventure park are not accessible under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.



The sensory journey dives into nature and allows all the senses to observe nature. Listening to sounds from near and far, observing the landscape, sensitizing the taste buds, feeling the plants and smelling the scents of nature.


Basket climbing is an exciting experience where a climber stacks baskets on top of each other while sitting on top of them. The goal is to build the tallest tower possible. Basket climbing does not require physical strength, but a little courage and teamwork.


Knowledge and skills are tested in a fun competition! Whether you go to alone or in groups – a fun contest is guaranteed!


The surrounding nature provides a setting for a varied workout in the fresh air. Depending on your wishes, start sweating on the surface during a strength workout or enjoy nature during a more relaxed yoga.


Snowshoeing is an older invention than skiing. Snowshoeing appropriately stops the pace of life loaded with everyday rushes and takes the rider to enchanting nature experiences. Snowshoeing is suitable for all ages and conditions, if you can walk, you can also snowshoe. Have you tried snowshoeing in the summer?


Nordic walking with the right technology is up to 20 percent more efficient than walking. Nordic walking feels physically lighter than traditional walking and it also has a positive effect on mood. However, technique is everything. Under the guidance of the experience guide, the technique is taken over and all the benefits of Nordic walking are received.


At the beginning of the trip, you will get acquainted with the technique of paddling in an open canoe. Relaxingly in the waves, we admire nature and observe birds. The trip includes a lunch break.

 Duration of activities 1-4 hours. We also organize guided tours of the whole day or several days.


Are you planning a bachelorette party, birthday party, recreation day for a group of at least 10 people? The adventure park has nice things to do for everyone; also for participants who want to adventure in the terrain, feet firmly on the ground.

Contact us and we will arrange an experience according to your wishes!

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Reservations can be modified 72 hours before the booking time free of charge. For cancellations of less than 72 hours, we will charge 50% of the booking value. For example, due to the weather, it is possible to transfer the reservation to the SuperPark indoor park, where we organize a group program. Storm winds and thunderstorms are the only weather phenomena that prevent climbing.

There is always someone left on the sled, so the group size may be smaller than when booking. However, we will book employees in advance and if the group size changes significantly, we will have to take into account the number of instructors required for the initial booking.

Billing is possible with a 14-day payment period and a € 10 billing charge. Payment is possible on the spot with all payment methods.