SeikkailuSveitsi offers a great setting for a fast-paced and unforgettable day!

Whether it’s a birthday, a recreation day or a bachelorette party – everyone enjoys the adventure. The forces of nature are no obstacle either, in a bad weather the adventure takes place indoors in SuperPark Sveitsi.

From Hotel Sveitsi you will find meeting and sauna facilities as well as restaurant services.


Kids under 10 years old 24€/hlö

Kids over 10 years old     26€/hlö

Birthdays include:

3 hour adventure, all tracks

1x soda or juice/kid and 1x candy, ice cream or chips/kid

One adult per 5 kids free of charge (kids under 15-years old)


The routes are set off with adventure equipment and a guide. Before the adventure, you should read the rules of the game for a safe adventure in the park.

The duration of the adventure is two hours. 

School class prices:

1.-3. class € 13
4.-6. class € 17
7.-9. class € 20

teachers free of charge.


Things to do for a day of recreation or at the end of a meeting day?

SeikkailuSveitsi offers a wonderful setting for an active day of recreation.

As teams for the Forest Olympics or as individuals to climb adventure tracks? You can also combine both on an adventure day.


We will organize an unforgettable party according to your wishes.


The bachelor party program should be started at the adventure park, the tracks of the adventure park are not accessible under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.


FOREST WALK for healthy mind

The goal of the trip is to produce a good mood and reduce stress. We are moving at a calm pace to allow time for our senses to observe nature.

Exercising in nature has been shown to lower blood pressure, stress levels and improve sleep quality. We will take you to nature to relax under the guidance of a professional wilderness and nature guide.

During the trip, our batteries will recharge and our energy levels will rise. The hike is done all year round, on foot in summer and on snowshoes in winter. We move in a beautiful and historic area of ​​the Sveitsi Natural Park.




Slightly different Olympics, a really fun event for large and small groups!

Your team will be divided into small teams competing against each other in a variety of sports and missions.

In this event, the race is fierce but with a smile. Finally, the score is calculated and the aftermath can begin!


Canoeing is a great way to move around in nature. Our excursions are made on a safe river route and on sheltered lakes only about a 15-20 minute drive from Hotel Sveitsi.

The vehicle is a 2-seater open canoe. Come experience the tranquility of nature from a canoe.

The price of the trip includes a canoe, paddles, a life jacket and, of course, guide services. We also make excursions for families and small groups, so get in touch and we will plan a canoeing trip just right for you.

wilderness skill competition

A fun and interesting activity where the participants will definitely get useful information about field skills and knowledge of nature.

The competition is performed in small teams, so teamwork skills also play an important role.

Under the guidance of a guide, the teams go around the route along which there are tasks related to field and camping skills and knowledge of nature. The tasks are versatile but do not require any heavy physical performance from the participants. The teams collect points from each performance location and at the end we see who will be the winner of the competition.



Basket climbing is an exciting experience where a climber stacks baskets on top of each other while sitting on top of them. The goal is to build the tallest tower possible. Basket climbing does not require physical strength, but a little courage and teamwork.


Are you planning a bachelorette party, birthday party, recreation day for a group of at least 10 people? The adventure park has nice things to do for everyone; also for participants who want to adventure in the terrain, feet firmly on the ground.

Contact us and we will arrange an experience according to your wishes!

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Reservations can be canceled 7 days before the booking date free of charge. For cancellations of less than 7 days, we will charge 50% of the booking value. It is possible to make changes to the booking 72 hours before the booking time. For example, due to the weather, it is possible to transfer the reservation to the SuperPark indoor park, where we organize a group program. Storm winds and thunderstorms are the only weather phenomena that prevent climbing.

There is always someone who can’t make it, so the group size on arrival can be smaller than when booking. However, we will book employees in advance and if the group size is significantly reduced (more than 10 people), we will have to take into account the number of employees required for the initial booking.

Billing is possible with a 7-day payment period and a € 10 billing surcharge. Payment is possible on site with all payment methods.