Tracks & instructions

SeikkailuSveitsi consists of ten separate tracks. The tracks are built on trees at a height of 1-15 meters. The specialty of the park is the Mega ZipLine -track, which is built over an glacial kettle hole and measures a total of half a kilometer and a height of almost 30 meters. On the tracks, the adventurer performs various tasks as well as challenges for climbing, gliding and balancing. There are also a limited number of lockers in the park.

SeikkailuSveitsi offers challenges, fun, the joy of movement and the fresh energy of nature.


On the toddler track, the smallest adventurers (90-120 cm) get to experience the same tasks as on the higher lines. The adult is able to assist the toddler adventurer from the ground level during the adventure.


Level: easy
Height 3-5 m

Family tracks are perfect for novice adventurers. There are many nice challenges and fun slides on the tracks.

More experienced adventurers can challenge themselves to complete obstacles by balancing without assistance.


Level: challenging
Height 5-8 m

Medium tracks climb a little higher and the tasks are more challenging. On the tracks you will encounter a trapezoidal sling, long slides and old ski jumping skis.

Base Jump can be found on track # 6.

Track 8


The height at its best is almost 30m, soar like a bird and admire the landscape!

For this track, smaller adventurers (less than 125 cm) need their own responsible adventurer.


Level: difficult
height 10-15m

The track requires physical fitness as well as mental edge. Are you trying it yourself or are you encouraging a friend?


  1. I am always connected to the safety cable with at least one locking ring (Smart).

  2. I’m not going to climb the track until I’m attached to the climbing device from three points.

  3. Closing the locking rings (Smart) with your fingers is strictly prohibited. By acting in violation of these instructions, I realize that I am endangering myself and I am obligated to compensate for any damage to the equipment.


  1. I will listen to the instructions and follow them.

  2. For my part, I take care of the equipment and structures of the park without intentionally damaging them. If I do not follow these instructions, I will be liable for any damage I cause.

  3. Smoking on the harness is strictly prohibited.

  4. I follow the instructions and signs on the park tracks.

  5. Moving in nature and trees may cause e.g. soiling of the clothes and scratches or bruises. SeikkailuSveitsi is not responsible for these. As in normal sports and exercise situations, the adventurer’s own accident insurance is liable for damages. If I injure myself on the adventure track, I will notify the staff immediately.

  6. I keep the area tidy (trash to trashcans) and only move in marked areas.

  7. I recognize my performance without taking unnecessary risks. If there is anything in my health that I think poses a risk, I will notify the staff before going to the tracks.

  8. I am not adventuring intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The introduction of such substances into the area is prohibited.

  9. I participate in the adventure completely voluntarily and of my own free will. I have understood the risks and rules of adventure. I undertake to abide by them to ensure the safety of myself and others.